How To Enjoy Thanksgiving While Coping with ADHD

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you maybe concerned about the changes in your typical routine and how it can affect your ADHD symptoms.  Whether it is you or your child with ADHD, there are a few strategies that you can use to keep your symptoms in check.

If Your Child Has ADHD

The most important thing a parent can do for their child with ADHD is to keep a routine and structure in their life. Family get together, and trips to different places are all common, and these changes can affect a child with ADHD.  However, there are some techniques that can make this easier on your child. First you can tell him/her in advance about the holiday and the activities you are going to do. Second, you can use a calendar of the different activities that he/she can check on a regular basis. Finally, if you a planning to travel or stay over a family/friend house, make sure you bring something familiar from home that will give your child a feeling of familiarity and it will help him/her relax and sleep better while being in a new setting.

If You Have ADHD

A few of the techniques mentioned above can be helpful for adults with ADHD. For example, it is best to make a to do list, keeping a routine, having a calendar of planned activities can help you not feel overwhelmed and stressed by the last minute things.  Another good technique is if you start feeling frazzled by all the Thanksgiving activities go and take a walk. The fresh air and exercise can help you clear your head and get you refocused.  Finally, some adults with ADHD can blurt out what they are thinking when around relatives that you may not get along with.  Instead of telling that one Aunt, Uncle or cousin what you really think of them, walk away, take a deep breath , count to 10 and then go back to the Thanksgiving gathering.




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