Organization Skills for Kids with ADHD: School, Chores, & Time Management

From setting deadlines to keeping school supplies in order, chores and organization skills are important for a child with ADHD. Here are some organizational strategies you can use to improve these skills at home.


Organize Your Lists In Logical Order:

To take some chaos out of projects, homework, and chores, work with your child to organize these things by the due date, time or how easy or hard these items are.

Create A Front Door“Go”Zone:

Designate a specific zone near the front door of your home for items that your child needs to bring with him/her for school, sports, or having a sleep over with friends.

Set A Daily Backpack Organizing Day:

Set a day with your child to organize and get rid of old papers, left over snacks, and homework assignments. Doing this task once a week can make it easier to find things.

Keep Track Of Time:

One way for your child to improve their planning skills is to have them write down the start and the end times of specific chores and homework assignments. This will help your child how to figure out how long things take in the future.

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