What Parents Can Do To Help Your ADHD Child Get Organized

Is your ADHD child always running late, losing schoolwork, can’t find what he needs for homework? Disorganization and lack of time are common characteristics of ADHD. Children with ADHD sometimes weak in these skills and may need some support in order to be successful in school.

Map It: Make a map of your child’s backpack and have him/her practice packing each item in its place. have a special place or pocket for notes from their teacher. Explain to your child that you (the parent) will check this pocket every night for notes from the teacher, field trips and other activities.

List The Steps: Make a list of steps for getting ready in the morning. Use short simple words and pictures so your child will successfully engage in each step.

Use A Calendar: Post a large calendar and list each family members school events and appointments. Use color coding for each of the family members. Each morning review the events and appointments for that day.

Post A Reminder In The Morning: Mornings are frenzied in most ADHD home, parents can grab a moment – holding their child’s full attention and eye contact -to impart a key message or two things to focus on that day. The supplemental spoken message with a sticky note reminders posted on your child’s assignment book

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