Social Media and ADHD

Using social media (Facebook or Twitter) is a great way to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. However, the challenge for an adult with ADHD is how to stay disciplined with time; when we are constantly bombarded with tweets, liking your friend’s photos or making a comment on a friend’s status. Here are some ways to keep you disciplined on social media.

Set a timer- When you are going through your social media newsfeed, set a timer. Think about what you want to contribute or take away from your timed session, and close Facebook when your time is up. Consider 1-2 short sessions a day instead of mindless checks all day long.

Turn off notifications – Once you schedule your timed sessions, you can turn off all distracting notifications. There is nothing you need to be alerted about.

Share thoughtfully– Take responsibility for what you share and know that even with privacy settings, it’s possible that anyone can see what you share on social media. If that’s a deal breaker, close your account. Otherwise, be kind, helpful and think about this when sharing your life on social media.

Unplug – Try not to go on Facebook or Twitter for at least one day out of the week. If you have the Facebook or Twitter app on your cell phone, uninstall it. This will help you from checking it mindlessly.





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