Strategies for Taming Impulsivity For Women with ADHD

Impulsivity is one of the three major symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  There is a lot of misconceptions that woman with ADHD are impulsive because they don’t know any better or lack of understanding their consequences. Impulsivity isn’t a lack of understanding; instead, it’s a lack of inhibition and engagement.  This distinction means that impulsivity can be managed. Here are some strategies to manage impulsivity.

Identify Your Impulse Difficulties– Figure out what parts of your life have has caused difficulty for you as it relates to your impulsivity. Some women with ADHD have difficulty controlling their anger. Some find it challenging their impulse spending and often get themselves into financial or debt troubles. What areas can you identify of your life where your impulsivity gets you into trouble. Better yet, ask someone you are close to answer this question because they may have a better view of your difficulty with your impulsivity than you do.

Develop an Impulsivity Problem Solving Action Plan– Once you figured out what your impulsivity difficulties are, you can better plan for them and develop an impulsivity action plan. For instance, if you are eating to much junk food, then find a way to not by it like using the STOP mindfulness technique. (here is the link if spending money is difficult for you, only bring a specific amount of money with you and create a list of things you need or just get rid of your credit cards completely.

Ask For Feedback– It is difficult to change any behavior without asking for help. Ask those you are close with to give you assistance by giving your constructive feedback when your impulsivity may be giving you a problem. Of course, you don’t want those close to you to be nagging but if they can help you without judgement this may help you make progress on overcoming your impulsivity difficulties,

Don’t Give Up– Behavior change is very difficult and the odds that you will need to work on it over time and that you will make some steps forward and several steps backwards, don’t give up. Any progress in the right direction is progress, and you need not to be hard on yourself.