Things To Say No To In 2016


As each year passes, adults with ADHD sometimes can make mistakes, one of those mistakes is saying yes to the wrong things. Below are a few things to say No to in 2016 so you can say YES to the right things.

Saying No To Self Doubt –   What I mean by this is, don’t allow yourself doubt get in the way of what is important to you. What it comes down to is your dreams, goals, drive and purpose and it deserves all the attention that you can give it. So whatever it is you are in doubt of, push through it and don’t allow yourself doubt get the best of you in 2016.

Say No To Your Inner Voice of Your Fear – We all have fear, I have fear. Fear is completely normal. Think of fear as Goliath, the longer you hold onto your fears, the bigger your fear will appear to be. David defeated Goliath due to he was bigger than his own fears, so Goliath didn’t seem as threading as he thought.  Your fears are no different than Goliath, the only way to defeat your fears is it face them head on and act bigger than you the thing you are afraid of.  Then your fears will slowly disappear.

Say No To Criticism –   If I spent all my time thinking about being criticized I would not have energy left to focus on what I want to do. What a critic says about you says so much more about themselves. Criticism is only a reflection of the person who is doing it.  So pay no attention to it and put all your focus on the positive aspects in your life.  The good things that will only benefit, inspire, lift and move you for the better.






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