Three Reasons To Declutter Before Christmas

I know the last thing an adult with ADHD wants to hear before Christmas is to add to your workload by decluttering. But trust me on this one being decluttered before Christmas is the best time.  Here are three reasons why it is best to declutter before the holiday festivities begin.

Reason 1 – Make space for the new stuff – I know that you have heard the phrase “one in one out”? When it comes to staying organized and keeping control of how much stuff you have in your home, this is a great rule to live by. And this rule can work great at Christmas as well. You know that when Christmas comes around there is going to be a lot of new things coming into your home.  So why not make space for all the new things now and declutter things that you do not want or need any longer.

Reason 2 – Teach your children to give as well as receive – This is such a fantastic idea to teach your kids, it also helps them realize that they can help other children over Christmas, which can be a real powerful message for them. (Charity shops like the Salvation Army or Goodwill always look for good toys to sell around Christmas.)Get them to sort through their toys and to let go of what they don’t play with anymore. This will give them space for any new toys Santa may bring them.

Reason 3 – Makes cleaning and picking up easier – This is one that motivates me to declutter around this time of year.  When I put up my Christmas decorations, there is so much more clutter around my house. and it makes it more difficult for me to clean and pick up. As soon as you declutter, the house will feel cleaner and it will be a lot easier to have fun during the holiday season.



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