ADHD-Friendly Ways to Save Money During The Holidays

Adults with ADHD tend to over spend especially during the holidays. There is no way around it Christmas is expensive or at least it can be if you don’t prepare yourself. This blog contains some of my own money saving tips and to hopefully alleviate some stress of spending so that you can have more fun this year.

Money saving tips for Christmas presents

  • Agree on a budget for people’s presents – set a limit for family and friends and let everyone know – in my family its $30 which works really well.
  • Secret Santa. Put everyone’s name in a hat and everyone draws one name and buys for them only. Set a budget as well. That way everyone gets one really nice present that they are more than happy with, and you get to save a lot of money.
  • Make your presents – homemade fudge / jam / cookies etc… always go down well, and you can create some amazing packaging that will make them extra special.
  • Buy some presents that are things that you would have to buy anyway to bulk up stockings – for instance, a scarf, gloves, socks.

Money saving tips for Christmas cards

  • Send e-cards not real ones – it will save you money on both stamps and cards
  • Hand deliver as many cards as you can – even if that means giving them out a little earlier to some people
  • Tell people you aren’t sending cards this year, and instead make a donation to their favorite charity – you can still make a saving and help people at the same time – it is the season of goodwill after all!

Money saving tips for Christmas food

  • Ask your family and friends to bring their favorite dish.– most people will be happy to contribute to a buffet, or bring a specific starter or wine – and this can drastically cut your holiday spending
  • Instead of going out for meals during the holiday season – entertain at home more.
  • Don’t over cater – you and your family/friends can all only eat a certain amount – it’s usually the case that people have leftovers for maybe weeks afterwards, or end up wasting a lot of food – so make a list of what you really need, and how many you are catering for each day and stick to it (your waistline will also breath a sigh of relief!).

Money saving tips for Christmas shopping

  • Don’t go overboard – stick to a budget and don’t be tempted when you hit the mall or to splurge (online shopping can help to avoid the temptation still further)
  • Shop at outlet stores or shops like TJ Maxx or Burlington Coat Factory to get quality products for less money.
  • If you won’t see some people until after Christmas – use the sales in January to buy their presents instead of buying them before.
  • Use a cash back credit card if you can to do all your Christmas shopping – BUT always pay it back ASAP as any cash back you earn will be lost against the hefty interest charged otherwise.

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