Three Ways On How I Beat Time Blindness As A Women with ADHD

Women with ADHD tend to be “time blind” (like myself) which means we are not aware of the passing of time and as a result, we can often struggle with using their time effectively. So what can a women with ADHD do about it, I am going to share some strategies i personally use to make time more concrete and less slippery. 

Jot Down Notes To Summarize The Day– At the end of my work day I sometimes find myself feeling vaguely unsatisfied, irritable and restless because I just wasted a whole day doing nothing productive. Most of the time this isn’t even the case because I would be so busy and I just would forget what I did that day. I found a way to take care of not forgetting by writing down what I have done throughout my busy day. Writing out what I did during the day gives me a clearer picture of what my day was like, how I was feeling and it  also helps put my problems into perspective like “ did I call my doctor to make an appointment”? Or did I finish one task that I didn’t complete the other day”

Review My Planner Weekly-Every Sunday evening I sit down and review what I have going on the upcoming week. This review reminds of many different things including what I forgot to do the week before and what projects, clients, appointments I have coming up. Lately, I have to admit I have struggled to prioritize my week. At the beginning of last month I was on top of everything I needed to do by reviewing my planner, however by the end of the month it did go as well. I reminded myself that reviewing my planner will bring me the most fulfillment and that I need to find a way to prioritize my tasks and life over whatever the impulses or distractions may present themselves 

Learning How To ReManage Time- Last summer my work and routine changed drastically due to going back and forth to the hospital and to the nursing home to visit my now late husband. I had difficulty in learning to manage my new time in a new reality.  To get a handle on the problem instead of trying to do everything all at once. I had to learn how to do certain tasks in half hour increments of time by different task categories. For instance, writing my blog, meeting with coaching clients, checking email ect. My new system helped me immensely. It helped me manage the disruptions and the distractions that came with my new reality and I had more available time to spend with my loved one.