Strategies for a Successful Summer for Adults with ADHD

There are many different types of strategies for making the summer not only manageable for people with ADHD but to be more productive, organized and happy. I hope the following techniques will help you balance your summer relaxing and efficient.

Be Realistic

  • Going on vacations, having laid back work schedule, fun summer activities, you have to be realistic about which specific projects you will be able to get done. Schedule time for these specific projects and fun.
  • Do a reality check of your plans before you make the. Choose the specific projects that are exciting and fit into your summer plans. And don’t forget to schedule ahead of time.

Plan Time To Transition

  • In ADHD jargon;transitioning is the time it takes for a person to transition from one thing to another. Transitions are a key for adults with ADHD because this is a time when we can get off track and become unproductive.
  • Everyone has differences types of ADHD, therefore how your transition will be different. It is important to know how you transition.
  • Learn how to plan for your transitions. When I came back from the ACO Conference in April, it took me three days to transition back into my normal routine. There are ways to jump right back into your routine when you return from your vacation but you are most likely to get frustrated.

Create A Schedule & A Plan

  • What are your most important tasks? Is it spending time by the pool, spending time with friends/family, working.
  • Having a more relaxed schedule it is very easy to forget important task and if you want your life to fall into a pit, you should be extra vigilant to making sure tasks get done. Create a schedule and a plan to get things done.

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